Bomb It 5

February 2021
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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No, it’s not the fireworks you’re hearing, it’s the unstoppable explosions coming from the thrilling battlegrounds of the 5th game of the popular series, Bomb It 5! The colorful levels filled with challenging gameplay and action is back for the 5th time and you should be ready to face your opponents once more! Bombs, various weapons, and vehicles are waiting for you to claim so you can show those enemies who is the best bombardier in the game! The deafening noise and the irresistible shockwave of the bombs might be terrifying for many but after many levels, you’ve earned your veteran’s badge and stand unaffected by such elements of battle.

Oh, the joy of being back at the center of the action! Beneath the thick cloud formed from the fumes of the explosions lies the battlefield. Each of your opponents is determined to become the lone survivor of this challenge. What about you? Similar to the other titles in this entertaining game series, your objective as the player is simple: become the last player standing on the battlefield. To reach this goal, you have many tools in your arsenal. Your primary weapon is your explosive bombs. In each level, you will be placed at the corner of a map and will be surrounded by a wall made from different blocks. Your first job should be clearing those walls by placing your bombs beside it and running away in time to get away from the explosion. While you clear the walls and other obstacles on your way to your opponents, you might come across power-ups that will give you different powers for a limited amount of time. These can be shields, weapons, speed buffs, or even invincibility! Use them wisely and defeat all of your opponents to become the last player alive on each level!