Girls Photoshopping Dressup

October 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Girls Photoshopping Dressup, the girls need your help to dress them up appropriately for the concept! It is a very fun fashion game. You just need to follow the tasks and dress the girls up! Will you able to dress them up according to the photoshoot, or else let them be embarrassed? Have fun!

Dressing up is a very fun activity to do! And in this game, you have too many options to choose from! Your objective is to get the girls ready for the photoshoot! To start the game, click on the play button. Then choose between the two girls and choose skin color for her. You will have some concepts to get them ready such as casual life, keep on rolling, working day, fresh flowers, and dark themed. You can follow the concept from the left bottom of the screen. You will see your budget at the top left corner of the screen. So use your budget wisely while following the concept! You can choose their top and bottoms, hairstyle, accessories, jewelry, and even dress them in an appropriate way. When your model is ready, you can send her to the photo shooting. You will receive cash that you can use to buy new outfits and hairstyles for every task and photoshoot you complete successfully. You must finish the previous one first before you can progress to the next task, so be careful and don't spend all your money at once! Have fun!