Space Blaze

February 2021
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Space Blaze is an epic 2D arcade game! Be ready to fight against an alien attack! You have enough courage to complete this mission, just concentrate on the game well! Will you be able to destroy the aliens? Good luck!

You have your own spaceship which makes you the coolest person on the planet! And you have an important mission to complete in space. But space is not yours alone, there are aliens too and they are not hospitable creatures as you think. Unfortunately, you have to get rid of them to complete your mission. Your objective in this game is to destroy the enemies before they destroy you by using the weapons installed on your ship. Use your left mouse button to alter your course, you need to dodge their attacks. You can use your WASD keys to move. Don't forget to collect the stars while attacking your enemies. These will serve you to unlock better spaceships. Be careful! The enemies may also come behind you! You will also face other upgrades along the way like shield or arsenal improvements. Be careful about the other spaceships, you should not touch them! Are you ready for the fight? Lets complete your mission!