Traffic Tour

March 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Traffic Tour is a driving simulation game in which you have to weave your way between the cars on the highway to reach the finish. Keep an eye on the time and switch lanes to prevent a car crash.

How to Play Traffic Tour?

Dodge the traffic by switching lanes at the right moment in this highway racing game with realistic 3D graphics. Start by creating your own custom car. There are lots of new models, decals, and upgrades you can unlock.

Then head to the mission panel to play well over 100 exciting driving sim challenges, including a real-time multiplayer mode in which you can use your best vehicles to challenger other racers. The icons for each level will show you what weather conditions, lighting, and traffic situations to expect during each run.

Game Controls

  • Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to steer the car
  • Arrow UP = Accelerate
  • Arrow DOWN = Break