Uphill Rush 12

July 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

The legendary riding challenge is back with Uphill Rush 12! Keep your style at the top through twenty thrilling challenges in the amusement park! Unlock new looks and rides and upgrade your vehicles by taking over the track with your matchless stunts! If you are ready for the action, let's get to putting your skills to work!

You must defy all laws of physics to attend these races; doing full spins in mid-air, landing in gigantic pools with your vehicle, collecting stars, and jumping off ramps all come with your missions! Hit the start button and take your first step onto the platform. Use the four main control commands to move, accelerate, and tilt your vehicle. You can use the left and right arrows to do spins and keep your balance in the air. Start pulling off stunts the moment you jump, and keep going until your feet touch the water to get all the extra points you can. You can try moving back on the pool to collect all coins and add them to your purse to be used later. Stop by the game shop after the level to unlock a new character or a ride, or upgrade the vehicle you are using.