Fish Story 2

July 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Prepare yourself for sunny summer days with the underwater adventures of Fish Story 2! This amazing Match-3 challenge brings you fantastic tales from the sea! You can enjoy the bubbles, solve puzzles, match items, and see where the waves take you through an addictive journey!

Stop whatever you are doing and set out on a blue adventure! As the summer approaches, it is only natural to dream of refreshing ocean scenes. Fortunately, you can stop dreaming and start following your dreams through this vacation! There is no need for a bag or tickets; just you and your puzzle-solving skills! You can put them to work immediately by following the first steps of the tutorial. Click or tap to hold a sea creature, and slide slightly in one direction to make a move. You must align at least three identical items horizontally or vertically. Keep your eyes open for opportunities, and try to match bigger groups to add special boosters to the table and turn things to your advantage. Keep moving forward, and discover everything the next levels hold. Unlock new features by advancing further through the tale, improve your matching skills, and see how far you can get!