Royal Ranch Merge and Collect

July 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Royal Ranch: Merge and Collect is a merge puzzle with lots of tasks and rewards to complete and collect. Upgrade your tent to create new seeds and plants faster and unlock all kinds of additional items to merge.

How to Play Royal Ranch Merge and Collect?

Create the items on your task list by tapping on the tent. Each tap will spawn one or more items. Merge the identical ones to create new saplings, flowers, vegetables, and more.

By completing tasks on your list, you’ll earn coins and gems, which you can spend on upgrading different aspects of your tent. Your tent is where new items are generated, and upgrading it will allow you to produce more valuable items more quickly.

Check off all the items you’ve unlocked on your inventory list and collect all the different rewards.

Game Controls

  • Tap the tent to generate new items
  • Tap, hold and drag one item to another to merge them