Kitty Scramble

June 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

This crafty cat has a pretty impressive vocabulary. Join him for a fun series of spelling challenges in Kitty Scramble!

He's prepared several puzzles for you in this purr-fect educational game. Will you be able to fill in the empty slots at the top of the screen in each level? Give your spelling skills a workout while you try to form words with the mixed-up letters in the grid. You can earn coins to purchase helpful hints as well.

Those will definitely help you out if you get stuck! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for extra words. If you can find those, you’ll earn special kitty treats that you can trade for awesome rewards.

How to Play Kitty Scramble?

Kitty Scramble is a word puzzle game. Find out if you can form words to fill in the slots at the top of the screen. Each one that you put together will rearrange the remaining letters and possibly create new ones.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG to select letters
  • UNCLICK once you’ve formed a word