Mini Muncher

December 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Mini Muncher is very hungry and cannot wait to have her tasty treats! Can you help her munch on lots of candy in this cute and crazy puzzle game? She is a little bit fatty, so she cannot reach the chocolate bar without removing the fish can. All she wants to eat is this yummy chocolate! Have fun playing!

In this entertaining puzzle game, we need to help our mini muncher reach her chocolate bars! We believe that you can make it happen! Your aim in this game is to unblock the chocolate bar by sliding the fish cans out of the way. The less you make moves, the higher scores you earn. To complete the entire game, you have 21 mini levels. There is no time limit, but if you make fewer moves, you get an ''awesome'' cheer! You can only slide the cans in the same direction they are lying to clear the way of the chocolate bar. You cannot slide a can vertically which is lying horizontally. You can slide the tasty treat through her once there is no obstacle to block the space between the little monster and the chocolate bar. If you are ready to help our little muncher, let's jump into the game! Have fun!