Dynamons 2

December 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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Do you wish your cat had amazing powers other than running after balls of yarn and sleeping all day? Leave the cute feline alone and turn your attention to the dynamons in the second game of the amazing series, Dynamons 2! The amazing elemental creatures are back, and they are waiting for you to catch and train them! Dynamons might not be as fluffy as your cat but they sure know how to put up a fight. Command them as you face and battle against other trainers dynamons or the wild ones roaming around the countryside! Can you become the best dynamon trainer in town and build a powerful team of well-trained dynamons?

The power of the elementals is at your fingertips with the entertaining gameplay Dynamons 2 offers. Every child dreams of becoming a dynamon trainer but taming and training dynamons is not an easy job. Before being able to train dynamons and call yourself a captain, you must educate yourself! There are 5 different elemental groups that all dynamons fall under. Each elemental group has its own weaknesses and resistances. These elemental groups are plant types, water types, fire types, electric types, and shadow types. To have a powerful team of dynamons, you should consider all of the element groups and choose your dynamons wisely, according to the types your opponent has. A balanced team is what brings success to trainers. When you first start the game, you have to choose your first dynamon. They might look cute at the moment but as you take them into battle and return victorious, your dynamon will earn experience points and can level up to become a terrifying creature! Lower-level dynamons have basic attack skills and they will earn new attack types as they level up. To level up a dynamon, you have to use a dynastone. These come in 6 varieties, one for each elemental type and an extra one that can be used on every dynamon type. So go out and collect as many dynamons as you can!