Adam and Eve: Love Quest

December 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Adam and Eve: Love Quest, our crazy caveman needs your help again! This time he lost the love potion that he has made for his endless love Eve! That's why he needs you to join the adventure and find the potion. Will you help our impenitent lover caveman?

Although he is a careless man, Adam cannot live without love! So, he despairingly needs the love potion to make Eve love him again. Your objective is to show him the way and pass all levels to reach the love potion. You should solve the puzzles and clear his way at each level. On the way to the potion, you will face hungry animals whom you need to help or receive help from. You will visit different countries, befriend various creatures that you will either help or run away from. He has 15 levels to reach his goal. So, think wisely, look at the different objects and characters, and find a way to interact with them. You can use your mouse to move the objects. Your aim is to find the key in each level that will open locked doors and lead the way to Adam. Do you think that you are able to help him? If your answer is yes you should start the game now. Remember, he cannot live without Eve! Good luck!