Murder Mafia

April 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Murder Mafia is a comical one-button casual game in which you have to kill the mafia don and take his place. Once you’ve become the new crime boss, it’s your turn to yourself against traitors! You’ll have to watch your back for opportunistic policemen, a host of suspicious ‘accidents’, and even the ghost of the old don!

How to Play Murder Mafia?

To become the new don, you’ll have to kill the old one first. Sneak up behind him and press the mouse button to raise your knife and strike. Watch out, because if he turns around and catches you, you’ll be sorry!

If you manage to dispatch the don, you’ll start accumulating a cast of back-stabbing henchmen, double-crossing devotees, and bloodthirsty belles. Wait for each follower to show their true color and turn around to catch them trying to kill you. If you turn too quickly, they’ll pretend nothing’s amiss, but if you wait to long they might get you!

Each round of this game will feature a different set of characters and circumstances. Unlock a gallery of 12 shady scenarios in which your crooked character meets a sticky end…

Game Controls

  • Press and hold the mouse button to attack (henchman mode) or turn around (don mode)
  • Release to hide your weapon (henchman mode) or to continue walking (don mode)