Real Freekick 3D

April 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Real Freekick 3D is an exciting penalty shootout game for the football season. Take turns defending the goal and taking penalty shots. Can you make it to the finals?

How to Play Real Freekick 3D?

To take penalty shots, use the mouse to drag the red arrow and set the direction of your shot. Next, drag left or right over the yellow area to curl the ball and bend your shot with a curving technique. Lastly, tap and hold the ball to set the power of your shot.

To defend the goal, watch for a red spot that appears inside of the goal. This is where your opponent will aim. Wait for the spot to go blue while your opponent completes their run-up. Tap the circle the moment it turns blue to make your goalie jump and block the shot.