Solitaire Story TriPeaks 3

August 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

The fantastic fox returns in Solitaire Story TriPeaks 3! Join him for another adventure in this cute and cool online game.

You'll find yourself in the middle of a majestic metropolis in this installment of the popular online solitaire series. Tag along with the fox while you quickly match up the cards. Will you be able to remove all of them from the table in each fun and challenging level?

How to Play Solitaire Story TriPeaks 3?

Solitaire Story TriPeaks 3 is a simplified version of Tripeaks, the classic card game. It's great for players of all ages. Match a card from the deck that is one rank higher or one lower than a card on the table to match and remove both of them. For example, a queen card can be matched with either a king card or a jack card.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to link cards together and remove them