Mahjong Titans

May 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Many sources say that the game mahjong dates back to the Qing dynasty of ancient China, but with our game Mahjong Titans, you don’t have to travel back in time to enjoy this addictive tile-based game featuring real tiles from the original mahjong game. Clear the table and start stacking the tiles. Are you up for the challenge of finding all the pairs?

Some games aren’t just for fun, and Mahjong is one of them. The ancient people of Eastern Asia used to play this game not only for fun but also to sharpen their minds and improve their calculating skills. Just like with the real-life counterpart, your objective in this game is to find all the pairs of all the tiles you see on the screen to clear the board. A mahjong game features three different tile sets, and you can find all these in this game. These are the simple tiles set, which consists of dots, bamboo, and characters; the honor tiles set, which has winds and dragons; and the bonus tiles set, which includes flowers and seasons. Anyone can learn how to become a mahjong master! Playing the game is very easy. Click on the tile you want to select to highlight it. Then, look for its match, and when you find it, click on that, too. By pairing the two same tales, you will clear them from the board. You can’t select every tile you see on the stack, though. In order for you to select a tile, it can’t be covered or surrounded by other tiles. As you clear the board, you will free more tiles and you can keep on pairing them.