Arkadium: Bubble Shooter

April 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

So many bubbles, so little time! How many will you be able to pop in Arkadium: Bubble Shooter?

It's a fast-paced and exciting bubble shooter game. Destroy the bubbles as they make their way toward the bottom of the screen. Keep your eyes peeled for electric ones as well. They can destroy all the bubbles around them, but beware the black bubbles! They can only be harmed by electricity.

How to Play Arkadium: Bubble Shooter?

Arkadium: Bubble Shooter is a fun arcade game. Destroy the bubbles by putting them into groups of three or more based on their colors. You can also use electric bubbles to destroy a lot of bubbles all at once.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim
  • LEFT CLICK to launch a bubble