Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure

March 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure, youll find out if the friendly burglar Bob made the right decision when he changed his profession. Modern buildings may have living inhabitants and guards, but ancient temples are long forgotten, right? And the only residents he would encounter would be reduced to bones and ash, you'd think. Surely, the dead wont miss a few dusty relics and a couple of gems or gold nuggets. All of this may have flitted through Bobs mind when he found a map in one of the houses he was robbing. Join him in his 5th adventure as an enthusiastic treasure hunter and try to claim the treasures of the ancient temple.

Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure features 10 levels, each with a different design and challenging puzzles to solve. As the enthusiastic novice treasure hunter, your objective is to clear every level by getting past the dangerous obstacles. Bob was a lazy student and he didn't pay attention to the "Dangers of the Ancient Temples" class. Unfortunately for him, the ancient temple is filled with traps and supernatural guardians! These won't intimidate Bob, however. Being sneaky is second nature to him. Navigate through each level with the arrow keys. You can hide in the shadows to avoid your enemies. Mummies, witch doctors, and mercenaries are a few of the many unfriendly denizens of the ancient temple. Wait for the right time and knock them unconscious. It seems that the ancient temple even has a type of mystical security camera and passcode enabled doors that you must find your way around. Being a burglar, Bob knows when he is near a hidden treasure. You'll find hidden gold coins in each level. When you are close to one, Bob will mention it so that you can collect it by pressing the UP arrow key. There are many puzzles to solve. Some traps require certain gadgets to be disabled and you'll need to find the passcodes to unlock certain doors. Let nothing stand between you and the treasure!