December 2020
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No, you're not mistaken. That cute little lizard does have flames on its back! Welcome to the amazing world of Dynamons, where elemental creatures roam the land and people with dreams of becoming a dynamon captain try to catch them. Delve into this colorful world to become and create a team of powerful and loyal Dynamons! Are you ready to command the elements through your creatures? Play with dozens of dynamons and learn the traits of elemental groups to up your game. The battle awaits and even the best dynamon captain should be careful! Do you have what it takes to catch and train dynamons?

Dynamons offers entertaining gameplay with its turn-based combat system, different creatures types, and colorful world. Travel the globe to find the most powerful creatures and beat them in combat to capture them. Are you ready? Then start the game by choosing your very first dynamon. Creatures come in many shapes and forms but they all fall into one of the five elemental groups. Each group has its own weaknesses and resistances against two other groups, so you should keep these differences in mind if you want to have a balanced team. The five groups are plant types, fire types, water types, electric types, and shadow types. As an example of their weaknesses and resistances, plant types sustain more damage from the attacks of fire and shadow creatures, but their attacks are more powerful against the water and electric types. When you first start the game, your dynamons will have a basic attack. As you win battles and earn experience points, you will unlock new and more powerful elemental attacks. The controls of the game are pretty simple all you have to do is use your mouse to click on attack buttons. The battles are turn-based and if you find yourself in a tough situation, you can escape from the battle!