Doodle God: Rocket Scientist

November 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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Doodle God: Rocket Scientist is another exciting episode of the Doodle God series! This time, it is back with a Rocket Scientist episode! The end of scientific knowledge will never come, so you need to continue to discover new elements! Will you be able to handle it? Good luck and have fun!

The world of science is waiting for you! There will be too many things to combine and discover in this game. Your objective is to explore the elements of humanity and create new ones! For example, you can combine Fire and Water, to unlock a new element, steam. Click on the play button to start the game. You will have only 5 elements and 5 groups at the beginning. You can also unlock new tools such as metal, paper, and glass by combining 2 elements like humans and tools. As you proceed with the game by creating new elements, you can try more combinations as the game expands itself. There is no limit for the creation, it is an endless journey. You can also explore the quest and puzzle mode to complete different challenges in addition to the main story. You can always use the hint if you get stuck. How many elements do you think you can discover in this game? If you are ready for the challenge, start the game! Enjoy!