KrisMas Mahjong

November 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Krismas Mahjong brings the Christmas to your screen, whether it's winter or not! From snowmen to bells, can you find the pairs of each piece, and complete the game with ease? If so, click on the play button, and start playing!

To spend quality time with your family, you can gather around a tabletop game, and have fun together. But in this digital age, you can enjoy games like this on your computer. Your objective in this game is to find the pairs of each piece, and try to clear the board as fast as you can. With 140 pieces on its board, playing this game might be a bit challenging for the first few times. But don't worry, once you get the hang of it, you'll clear the board in no time! Matching the pairs is as easy as clicking on two identical pairs with your left mouse button. With its many Christmas-themed pieces, we're sure you can hear the bells! It's not a fun game without a little bit of a challenge! While you enjoy the game, the clock is ticking, and taking precious seconds from you! You can see how much time you have by looking at the right side of the screen. Don't worry though! Each time you match pairs, you'll earn a couple of seconds. Can you beat the time limit, and clear the board?