Money Movers 2

November 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Escaping from the prison was the first step, and now the criminal brothers have to break back in to free their father from his cell in the sequel to the first game, Money Movers 2. Return to the prison filled with various security measures such as cameras, laser detectors, and tough guards. Can you find your way through the maze-like prison and reach the criminal brothers' father or will your plans fail and the brothers end up in their cell once again? Control both characters and solve puzzles, avoid guards, and don't forget to be sneaky!

Just when they thought theyd left the prisoners' life behind the criminal brothers receive a letter from their father, asking for their help to free him from his cell. Join the brothers in their second adventure and sneak into the prison. Similar to the prequel, your objective is to complete each level by solving puzzles, pushing buttons, pulling levers, and evading guards. The prison is tightly protected with security cameras, laser detectors, and many other measures. You have two characters, the big brother and the small brother. While the small brother is quicker and more agile, he lacks the strength of the big brother. You need to control both of these characters to overcome the obstacles you face in every level. The small brother can fit through narrow passages and run through laser detectors without being caught, while the big brother can lift and throw objects to clear the way or knock down a pursuing guard. Featuring 20 different levels, Money Movers 2 offers various challenges that youll have to face. In each level, there are three money bags that you should collect to unlock a bonus level. Breaking into a prison might be harder than breaking out so be careful! The guards would love to entertain brothers as their guests.