Adam and Eve: Zombies

December 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Adam and Eve: Zombies, your worst nightmare is about to come true. Have you ever read the book, Pet Semetary? Well, everything about that book is about to come true. The dead cats rose from their graves and now they walk among us. So, our brave caveman traveled to the future to stop put an end to this madness. Do you think he will be successful?

Ah, cats... Everyone knows that they are actually demons. But what's worse is that they are not only demons now, but also dead. Their powers have increased and they are even more evil now if that's even possible. Your objective is to defeat zombie cats and help Adam reach safety. This game has the same Adam & Eve mechanics. That means you need to poke the surroundings and click on items you see around in the right order to solve the puzzles. But be quick! Zombie cats may be hiding behind doors and waiting for the perfect moment to come and eat you! Overcome the obstacles, open locked doors by finding the keys and whatever you do, just don't fall into the paws of the enemy. You need to survive through the game and avoid turning into a zombie. RAAUUGGH! Oh no! More zombie cats are on the way. Run!