Snail Bob 5: Love Story

December 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Snail Bob 5: Love Story, our friend Snail Bob is feeling butterflies in his stomach. The moment he saw a picture of the famous singer of snail land, Bob fell deeply in love. In the 5th game of the addictive Snail Bob series, you have to help Bob survive another exciting journey. Guide him through a series of levels filled with puzzles and deadly traps. Can you help Bob reach the love of his life without getting in harm's way. Make sure he doesn’t end up with a broken heart… or a broken shell!

In this continuation of the popular game series, Snail Bob is on the move again. He’s determined to achieve his goals but, as usual, this trait of his usually makes him quite careless. That's where you have to step in. Can you help Bob avoid the many dangers that await him? Your objective is to guide Snail Bob through a set of challenging levels by solving all kinds of different puzzles. In this game, Bob has to journey through the jungle, so you can expect the sort of obstacles that this terrain and the wildlife that inhabits it will offer. From carnivorous plants to hungry animals, there are many hazards to avoid. To create a safe path for our lovestruck snail to travel, you’ll have to use the different tools available in each level. By pulling levers, pushing buttons, and activating platforms, you can create a barrier between Bob and the traps littering his path. The jungle hides many secrets, including three collectible stars in each level. Keep your eyes peeled, because collecting all three stars will unlock 4 different mini-games. Don’t miss your change to enjoy these fun bonus levels!