Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker

December 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In this installment of the epic game series, Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker, get ready for another adventure with Adam again. Danger seems to follow Adam wherever he goes. But our brave caveman loves adventure so much that he is ready to face even the most dangerous animals of this planet with his eyes closed. Literally! But still, he needs to return to his bed to get ready for his next adventure. Can you help him find his way back home?

Brrr... It's freezing cold today. As if this isn't enough, Adam is out of his bed and sleepwalking in the cold night. He brings a whole new meaning to blinded by love, don't you think? Adam loves Eve so much that he can't rest and he is sleepwalking in hopes of finding her as soon as possible. But he needs to go back to his bed or he won't rest and worse, he'll freeze to death. It's your job to help him get back safely. To do this, you need to solve the puzzles by clicking at the items you see around in the right order and help him overcome the obstacles that stand between him and his bed. You'll need to evade hungry animals and Eskimos, help other animals find love, make a snowman, befriend whales and woolly mammoths, and so on... Yup, this place looks like a winter wonderland but there are dangers lurking around. Better return to the safety of your bed, quickly! Good luck!