Sun Beams 2

October 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Sun Beams 2, you have a vital job to do! There are dark clouds everywhere, so the sun cannot beam! And you are the one who will help its beam! Will you able to make the sun shine again? Good luck!

To keep us alive, the sun needs to shine every day, but in this game, dark clouds are preventing the sun shine! That's why somebody needs to spread or destroy the dark clouds, and you are the one who can deal with this! If you feel ready for this mission, you can click on the play button to start the game. you will have 30 different levels to pass. In each level, your aim is to make the sun beam by spreading the dark clouds around. To make this happen, you should click on a dark cloud with your mouse at the correct moment. When the dark clouds disappear, the sun falls down and starts to beam again. Be careful! If you disappear a wrong cloud, the sun may not shine again! As you proceed with the game, completing the levels will be getting harder and there will be different and more dangerous clouds! You have one more job to do while trying to pass the levels! Don't forget to collect all three stars in each level. Are you ready to make the sun shine again? Good luck and have fun!