Sorting Sorcery

March 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Sorting Sorcery is a spooky and magical sorting puzzle with 50 challenging levels. Help the witches and wizards organize their mushrooms, crystals, and other mysterious artifacts and potion ingredients.

How to Play Sorting Sorcery?

The items in the old wooden cabinet have gotten all mixed up across the different shelves. As the new keeper of curiosities and occult inventory, your job is to sort the items and stack them on the right shelves.

You can score up to three stars in each level. The quicker you complete your task, the more you’ll earn. You can move items to empty shelves, or place them next to an identical item, but you cannot move anything to a shelf that is covered in cobwebs. No shelf can contain more than 4 items.

Game Controls

  • Tap on an item to pick it up
  • Tap on a shelf to move the item there