3 Pandas in Japan

June 2023
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Everybody's favorite trio is back with a new adventure in this latest installment in the series, 3 Pandas in Japan! While enjoying the cultural attractions of Japan, our curious pandas found themselves in the middle of a big heist. They became witnesses to a crime when they accidentally took photos of some sneaky ninja thieves. Being the only ones aware of the theft that took place, the pandas have followed the thieves. Can you help them make things right again? Join the trio and try to pass lots of new levels filled with fun puzzles. Help them catch the thieves!

Japan is full of wonders, and thats the main reason the 3 Pandas decided to visit there. Getting involved in trouble wasn't on their to-do list, but when the thieves broke their camera, they decided that enough is enough and went after them. Just like the other titles in the 3 Pandas series, you have to guide the 3 brothers through a series of amazing levels filled with challenging puzzles. As the player, your objective in this fun game is to complete these levels by solving the various problems the pandas encounter. From helping a trader load goods onto his cart to catching fish for a hungry bear so it can remove the boulder blocking your path, you will encounter many different characters in this journey. To overcome the obstacles they encounter, the brothers need to work together! Each of the 3 Pandas has a different set of skills. You can click on a panda to use their unique ability. The brothers could never have guessed that their pursuit of justice would take them to so many diverse locations, from serene countryside with pink cherry trees lining the streets to the bustling cities you can spot some roaming robots. Can you help the 3 Pandas find the thieves and return the stolen relic?