Dynamons 5

August 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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Dynamons 5 is a brand new adventure game in the popular pocket monster collection series. Your journey to become the greatest Dynamon Captain of all time continues in this game with novel creatures to catch and unfamiliar locations to explore.

How to Play Dynamons 5?

Begin the game by choosing your starter Dynamon. You can choose between the forest type Fenecorn, the fire type Flarion, or the water type Pengoo. You will start your new adventure in the vicinity of the Water Temple. Search the different spots to collect cute and mystical Dynamons to add to your team.

On the map, the red exclamation marks show where you can battle another trainer or find a wild Dynamon. Battle the wild Dynamon with your team until it is weakened. You can then use a floppy disk-shaped storage item called a Discatch to capture the creature. If the light on the disk goes green, you've captured it! Once you’ve caught a Dynamon, you can train it in battle to make it stronger and add new skill cards to its attack and defense deck.

You can also search the map for other trainers to battle. You’ll gain rewards for defeating their teams, such as skill boosters and extra Discatches. Defeat the area bosses in the Water Temple zone to unlock the world map and explore other locations, such as the Electric Temple and the Legendary Cave. There’s a different collection of Dynamons to be found in each environment. Tap each area on the map to see the silhouettes of the Dynamons you can find there, as well as some other information about this zone.

Game Controls

  • Click or tap to select a location to travel to
  • Tap to select the action cards and items you want to use