Dynamons 7

April 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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Dynamons 7 is a new installment of the turn-based pocket monster battle series. Embark on your next adventure and explore two fresh areas teeming with creatures to catch: Tall Pines and the secret bonus cave.

You can now catch several rare and powerful Dynamons such as Crocynos, Huango, Aragonyx and Cybeenyx. Can you level up your team and defeat the other Dynamon Captains?

How to Play Dynamons 7?

First, Dynamon expert Jovani will invite you to choose a starter Dynamon. In this installment, you can choose between the fire type Flarion, the water type Lampion, and the forest type Fenecorn.

After a brief tutorial showing you the game’s battle mechanics, you can start exploring the Tall Pines forest. Look for areas where wild Dynamons have been sighted and try to capture them. Tap the action cards to determine your Dynamon’s moves.

When the wild Dynamon is weakened, use a Discatch device (it looks a bit like a floppy disk) to capture them. You can add any Dynamon you have caught to your team.

You’ll also encounter other trainers and Dynamon Captains on the road. They will often challenge you to 1-on-1 turn-based battles. Pick your team wisely and use special attacks and power ups to gain the upper hand. Defeat your opponents to win valuable items and unlock new parts of the map.

Any items you win in battles are automatically stored in your backpack. Tap the backpack to view your inventory, select an item, and use it.

Some Dynamons can evolve when they reach a certain level. Train your Dynamons in battle or give them special items to level up. Levelling up also requires crystal shards, which you can also earn by battling other trainers or wild Dynamons.

Raising your Dynamons’ level makes them stronger, and allows you to add new attack and defense moves to their battle card deck.