Dynamons 6

November 2023
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
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Dynamons 6 is an exciting new chapter of the turn-based adventure series. Explore four new areas, battle other trainers, and collect cute and powerful pocket monsters for your Dynamon team.

How to Play Dynamons 6?

Begin your journey by choosing your starter Dynamon: Dynabug (plant type), Riptor (fire type), or Surfant (water type). Explore the area in search of wild Dynamons.

To capture wild Dynamons, use your battle cards to attack and weaken them in battle. Then take a Discatch from your backpack to trap it. If the light on the disc turns green, it’s yours and you can add the creature to your team.

Defeat other trainers and Dynamon captains to unlock new locations on the map. There are four locations in total: Klaude’s Castle, the Treasure Cave, Gold City, and the super-tough Challenge Cave. Each area contains a different set of pocket monsters.