Go Robots 2

February 2021
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Go Robots 2, you have an important mission to complete! There are 2 robots who are in trouble and they need to be saved! Guess who will save them? Yes, you will! Start the game and let's see if you can save them! Good luck!

This time, the robots are in a strange place with gravity and evil robots, they need to escape and turn back their home. So your job is to guide and save them through each level! To start the journey, click on the play button. Prepare yourself! You will face evil robots who laid traps everywhere in each of the 25 levels. So be careful and get rid of these obstacles to make them reach safely. There is no time limit, but to earn all 3 stars, you should be quick. To get rid of the obstacles, you will have some missions like throwing the boxes, cutting the rope, and so on. If one of the robots dies, the game is over, you have to make both of them reach safely. If you get stuck, you can follow the instructions the game gave you. Are you ready to save our robots? Then start the game and complete your mission! Good luck!