Clash of Vikings

November 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Clash of Vikings, the war drums are pounding! Come and join the battle in this amazing game, and show your dominance over your enemy as they retreat in defeat. Can you gain the advantage and achieve the victory with careful planning?

The Vikings were strong people renowned for their prowess in battle. In Clash of Vikings, gather your men and prepare to attack your rival. The game's objective is to destroy the towers of your enemy before they destroy yours. You have 14 cards that you can use against your opponent. 9 of these cards are your soldiers, while the remaining 5 are special attacks. Don't rush into the field just yet! First, you should create your battle deck from the icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen at the main menu. Once ready, it's time to blow the war horns because the battle is about to start! At the lower center of the screen, you can see your units. The pink drop icon shows the cost of your units. Below that, you can see your elixir meter. It fills up as time passes. Both you and your enemy have 3 towers. The towers located at the sides are there to protect the main tower, so it would be a good tactic to destroy them first. Take cover! Your enemy will not give up easily, as they will also summon their units and attack your soldiers from their towers. Can you destroy your them before the time runs out?