Ice Cream Pirates

December 2020
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

In Ice Cream Pirates, it's time to protect the precious. The pirates are back again to steal what is ours. We cannot let them steal our glorious ice cream. The precious is in danger and we must protect it at all costs, you hear me? Now, get ready for battle!

Ice cream is love, ice cream is life. It is the sole reason for my existence. The ice cream I make is so great that people from all over the world come to taste it. But these pirates are coming to take it all away from us and that is unacceptable. We must stand as one as the inhabitants of this island. In this game, your objective is to defend the precious and don't let them steal the ice cream. You have to be clever and lay traps to keep them away from the treasure. You can see the traps you can use at the bottom of the screen. Choose one and drag it to the x symbol you can see on the ground. These traps can also be animals that will destroy your enemies for you. But beware! The pirates also have weapons that can destroy your traps. But some of their weapons are useless against some of the traps. That's why you need to figure out the right order you are going to lay your traps in. For instance, swords can't harm beehives but fire can. Make a plan and make sure none of them reaches the treasure chest.